Beatrice Williams, a certified nursing assistant at Abbey Delray

Thriving In and Outside of Work

This year, Beatrice Williams is celebrating her 27th anniversary at Abbey Delray, where she continues to thrive in her role as a certified nursing assistant. In addition to this remarkable career milestone, 2018 marks a significant personal achievement for Williams — the publication of her first book. Titled Judge Me Not, the book chronicles the life of a man named Jack, whose long-held racist beliefs are debunked by a catastrophic life event.

“I had a positive, uplifting message that I wanted to share,” said Williams, describing her inspiration behind the story. “I believe we could all treat each other better, regardless of skin color. It is important that we stop judging others without knowing their true qualities.”

Williams noted that publishing a book has been her lifelong dream, largely delayed by the responsibilities of raising a family. She’s thankful that her career at Abbey Delray has offered her the stability and support system to finally pursue her goal.

“Writing has been my passion since high school, so this feels great,” Williams explained. “Some residents at the community have read it and they really enjoyed it. Just seeing their faces when I come to work brightens my day, so their support means the world to me.”

Paulette Watson, director of nursing at Abbey Delray, applauded Williams for her enterprising spirit.

“I read Beatrice’s book while traveling and the story is quite relevant,” said Watson. “It is wonderful to see one of our team members pursue their dreams. Congratulations to her for this great achievement.”

Moving forward, Williams says she has no plans to slow down. The budding author is excited to continue promoting Judge Me Not, in addition to working on other books.

She added, “Judge Me Not is a universal story, so I’m concentrating on making sure it is a success. I am definitely going to continue writing and hope to share more of my work in the future.”