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How Abbey Delray Is Proving These Myths About Senior Living & COVID-19 Are Wrong

Since the start of this COVID-19 global pandemic, we’ve all learned some essential tips about preventing the spread of viruses – like wearing face masks and social distancing.

But we’ve also heard our fair share of myths –  especially myths about senior living. Mainly, these senior living myths center around what life must be like inside retirement communities: somber, isolated and cut off, where there are no more daily activities to look forward to and each resident’s social life is –  well, not very social at all. And then there’s the granddaddy of all senior living myths: That now isn’t the time to move into a senior living community.

Let’s stop right there. Because the fact is, life has profoundly changed everywhere, including inside senior living communities. But that doesn’t mean  quality of life for our Abbey Delray residents’ has changed significantly. Actually, you might be surprised to learn Lifespace communities, like Abbey Delray, continue to be vibrant, active and remarkably social settings for older adults, even in what’s become our “new normal.” Which means right now may be the best time to move into a senior living community.

Let’s take a look at and debunk several senior living myths you might have heard recently.

Senior living myth: These communities aren’t safe during viral outbreaks like COVID-19.

Abbey Delray is a prime example of a senior living community “doing it right.” Our team members and housekeeping staff receive ongoing training in infection and disease prevention and the use of CDC-approved cleaning products and protective gear. In light of the pandemic, all of these protocols have been heightened. We also follow stringent CDC, state and local health guidelines for residents and team members, as well as visitors, and we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of all. Though it may be frustrating and confusing to wonder why one community is starting up activities or allowing visitors while another isn’t, keep in mind that every community must base its decisions on its own situation and current infection and risk levels. As we’ve all witnessed, infection rates are constantly changing, which is why we must all remain nimble and patient.

Senior living myth: Social distancing means residents are socially isolated.

Absolutely not true! While we take this virus very seriously, we’re also very serious about keeping residents socially connected and helping maintain a great quality of life. We do everything to ensure our residents’ well-being and help them remain as active as ever. We’ve simply pivoted to options that integrate health and wellness with thoughtful social distancing.

One example is how we’ve retooled our calendar of activities to offer a variety of both virtual programming and socially distanced opportunities for engagement. Our in-house TV station now streams exercise classes, movies and lectures.

We’ve also modified our meal options to include options for pick-up or delivery right to residents’ doors. We also recently began offering socially distanced outdoor dining, and offer drinks out on our terrace and poolside, with social distancing always in place. And team members regularly deliver special treats and drinks for Happy Hour and during “pop-up” surprise events.

We’ve even celebrated residents’ birthdays outside, with signs and balloons to go with our festive face masks. For a recent holiday, we hosted a shaved ice truck in our parking lot, with at least six feet in between everyone standing in line.

We’re always looking for creative ways to keep residents active and engaged. And though we don’t know when this pandemic will end, one thing is certain: Ours will continue to be a charming, engaging community that will exceed your expectations. And that’s the truth.

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Senior living myth: Residents can’t be physically active or outside right now.

The truth is, our community is located in beautiful, sunny Delray Beach, Florida. And while we strongly suggest residents only leave the community for essential needs, they’re encouraged to get outside for some Vitamin D.

All our independent living floor plans boast their own Florida room, so residents can catch the ocean breezes without battling the bugs. Many residents enjoy walks outside on our gorgeous grounds, in our new outdoor garden or around our surrounding neighborhoods.

And nearby Atlantic Avenue is a scenic place to take a stroll, which is a great way to stay connected to the unique culture of Delray Beach.

Get all the facts.

Learn more about what we’re doing to ensure residents stay healthy, safe and happy during the coronavirus pandemic – and beyond. Call 888.589.5778 to learn more about our COVID-19 policies, protocols and precautions, or complete the contact form below.