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Seasonal Holiday Activities to Enjoy with Grandchildren in Delray Beach, Florida

Wondering what fun things to do with grandchildren during their winter break? Not sure how to connect with distant teenagers who are glued to their phones? Keep boredom at bay with our list of enjoyable holiday activities to do with grandchildren. These activities will help you create cherished memories together.  

Bake Holiday Cookies  

While winters in Delray Beach aren’t exactly chilly, they can still be cozy. Teach your grandchildren to bake cookies or other sweet treats, and fill your home with the sights and smells of the season. Baking is a fun activity for any grandchild, no matter their age. The younger ones may need more supervision, but it’s a great way to teach them new skills and spend quality time together.  

Decorate Your Home 

Ask your grandchildren to help set a color and decoration theme while preparing your home in Delray Beach for the holidays. Do they want to do traditional red and green? Or do they want to try silver and gold? Go shopping and have them pick out their favorite decorations. The items you purchase together will remind them of the time you spent selecting them and always hold a special place in your grandkids’ hearts. 

If you and your grandchildren love arts and crafts, you can also make your decorations from scratch. Whether it’s cutting out paper snowflakes to decorate your windows or hand-painting ornaments, there’s so many ways to add holiday cheer to your home. Bonus tip: put your grandchildren in charge of the holiday playlist while decorating. They might introduce you to some new holiday favorites!

Play Holiday Games

One fun thing to do with teenage grandchildren is to play funny, engaging games. Charades, guessing games and improv can be engaging for the whole family. Ask your grandchildren to bring their favorite games or peruse for holiday-themed games your family will enjoy. There are also numerous board games to choose from. If your grandchildren aren’t familiar with board games, introduce them to some of your own. 

Wrap Gifts Together 

There are numerous shopping opportunities in Delray Beach, including art galleries, unique boutiques and much more. If your holiday traditions include gift giving, take your grandchildren downtown to shop for gifts for their parents and teach them how to beautifully wrap those gifts. If this is a skill you’re still learning, practice it together by learning from YouTube videos. Pick out quirky or beautiful wrapping paper and discover together how to transform an unusual cardboard box into a gorgeous gift. 

Explore Local Downtown Events 

Downtown Delray Beach also offers numerous holiday events that can also be fun and engaging to partake in with grandchildren. These include: 

  • Shop Small & Holiday Window Decor Contest
  • Christmas Tree Lighting
  • Boynton//Delray Beach Boat Parade
  • Menorah Lighting

When in doubt, be sure to ask your grandchildren about their own hobbies, passions and interests. Together, you may uncover additional events and activities that you can both enjoy. 

Enjoy the Holiday Season at Abbey Delray 

At Abbey Delray South, the holiday season is our favorite time of year. Whether it’s decorating our community, serving holiday feasts or hosting family-friendly events, we pride ourselves on being excellent holiday hosts for our residents and their visiting families. 

Contact us to learn more about how we’re spending the holiday season at Abbey Delray and discover more about the charming retirement lifestyles we curate for our residents year-round.