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Is it Time for Memory Care? How to Prepare for the Move

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate as many as 5.6 million people aged 65 and older have Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. If you’ve been caring for a parent with dementia at home, it can be challenging to know when to reach out for more support. While you may experience feelings of guilt asking for help, it’s vital to consider all of the benefits professional support can provide your loved one. Read on to learn about memory care options and discover the many benefits of helping your loved one move to a memory care community like Abbey Delray,

What is Memory Care?

Memory care is a long-term, residential care option that provides specialized care for people experiencing Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. As loved ones experience difficulties accomplishing daily activities like writing, speaking and personal hygiene, memory care communities provide a safe, structured environment with trained professionals to provide the extra assistance they need.

Signs You Should Consider Memory Care

It’s hard to see a loved one cope with cognitive decline. While you might want to provide care yourself, there comes a point when a memory care community makes more sense. Here are some signs professional memory care may be needed:

  • Difficulty with familiar tasks like driving or cooking
  • Getting confused about time or location
  • Difficulty writing or speaking
  • Difficulty with problem solving or decision making
  • A decline in personal care and hygiene
  • Family caregivers suffering from caregiver burnout
  • Safety concerns and increased incidence of injury

Making the Move to Memory Care

Making the move to memory care requires careful attention and preparation. Here are some steps you can take to support a loved one making the transition.

Preparing for the Move

Before moving a parent or loved one to a memory care community like Abbey Delray, make sure you have everything prepared. First, work with other family members or trusted friends to coordinate the move. If your loved one forgets they’re making the move, have a script everyone can stick to for a consistent, comforting experience. Help make packing easier by decorating the space with items that are the most familiar and meaningful.

How to Handle Moving Day

When moving day arrives, have a plan in place for how you’ll help your loved one make the transition. Be prepared to answer their questions and address any concerns with understanding and empathy. 

A new environment can be intimidating for anyone. To ease the transition, help your loved one get settled in their living space. Our community team members are trained in dementia care and will help ease the transition. Ahead of your move, our team will have activities and amenities identified that your loved one will enjoy participating in. Building social connections and experiencing the community’s benefits first-hand can make the adjustment easier. 

After the Move

Once your  loved one is settled in their new home within a memory care community, many of the most difficult aspects of caregiving are behind you and there are are a number of ways you can continue to show support. For example, and it may be obvious, but visit  regularly. The purpose for this move is so you can enjoy time together without the burden of being a full-time caregiver. Also, morning visits may be preferable, as those with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia tend to be more alert and aware during this time.

Should your loved one have challenges with engaging in the community, try participating in activities. Joining for a game of cards or a meal can help increase their comfort level and offer encouragement.

Above all, do your best to remain positive and flexible. A significant change like this takes time. It may be weeks before they acclimate to their new surroundings, and some adjustments to care plans or living spaces may be needed along the way.

Explore Memory Care Options at Abbey Delray

At Abbey Delray we’re dedicated to helping make the transition to memory care as smooth as possible. Our compassionate, highly trained team members will work to create a personalized care plan that meets the specific needs of your loved one.

Our memory care community offers a number of thoughtful amenities and convenient services including laundry and housekeeping, secure courtyard with gardens, fully stocked activity room, robust programming and much more. 

If you’re considering memory care for a parent or a loved one, please contact us.