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3 Surprising Things You Gain By Downsizing for Retirement

Downsize, or delay? Determining whether or not to pursue small-space living options like downsizing to an apartment, a smaller home, or a senior living community is one of the most pivotal crossroads we face as we age. While it may be tempting to stick with what’s familiar, the benefits of downsizing your home may outweigh the conveniences of staying in a larger abode.

When it comes to downsizing in retirement, less is truly more. To help you understand the upside of downsizing, we’ve compiled a list of the unexpected benefits of downsizing your home and how a senior living community can enrich your retirement lifestyle.

1.) More Time for the Things That Matter Most

Generally, the smaller the home, the less maintenance it needs. From mowing the lawn and shoveling snow to keeping multiple rooms dusted, swept, and tidy, maintaining a larger home wastes valuable time that could be spent pursuing your passions and hobbies. If your large home no longer fits your lifestyle and there’s room to spare, it may be worth considering downsizing to an apartment or senior living community.

More than just minimizing the amount of space you’ll need to care for, downsizing to a retirement community can also mean getting on-site services that eliminate some of the hassle that comes with maintaining a living space. At Abbey Delray in Delray Beach, Florida, for example, our helpful services include things like weekly housekeeping, on-call maintenance services, flat-linen services, and on-site dining venues.


two seniors packing up to downsize to a one bedroom senior apartment

2.) Swapping Extra Square Footage for Community and Connection

Living in a larger, relatively empty home can be isolating on multiple levels. In addition to the extra space, you may live far away from family or friends, or even struggle to find a sense of community in your city or neighborhood. When you downsize your home for retirement and choose to transition to a senior living community, you’ll trade in unnecessary space for a true sense of belonging and connection.

The amenities at senior living communities like Abbey Delray lend themselves naturally to fostering strong, fulfilling relationships with others. Exploring your newfound love for high-end bourbons and craft beers? Grab a drink with friends at the on-site dining venue or enjoy cocktails by the pool. Ready to tackle a new style of exercise? Hit up a fitness class with others reaching toward the same goal. From social events to group outings, there’s no shortage of opportunities to connect.

3.) Peace of Mind for Life’s Curveballs

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not you can maintain your home should something change with your health, you’re not alone. Whether you’re currently living in a space on your own or sharing it with someone else, having uncertainty about what may happen if your circumstances change can cause a great deal of anxiety.

However, when you choose to downsize your home and embrace a community lifestyle, you’ll discover that with the cozier space and extra support comes an enhanced peace of mind. You won’t need to worry about keeping up with tasks and taking care of the home should you fall ill for any reason–your community has your back.

Living Large at Abbey Delray | Retirement at Its Best

For seniors, downsizing into a smaller apartment in a senior living community doesn’t mean having less. Actually, it means having more: More access to community amenities, more time to enjoy an engaging lifestyle, and more opportunity to indulge in luxury. Ready to explore everything you’ll gain by moving to a luxury senior living community? Explore our apartment floor plans and get in touch today. Is your loved one considering downsizing for retirement? Check out our practical tips on how to navigate the senior downsizing process.

Senior Apartments to Fit Your Lifestyle

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