senior woman enjoying a sunny day with a large beach hat and big sunglasses, grinning widely

Take Advantage of the Beautiful Winter Weather in Delray Beach, Florida

Depending on where you live, the winter months can be a blessing or a curse. As we get older, the prospect of spending countless mornings getting rid of snow or bundling up to go outside may start to become less appealing. 

Thankfully, there are places like Delray Beach, Florida that make the winter months not only bearable, but exceptional. At Delray Beach, you may even find that winter becomes your favorite season! 

Northerly Winter Weather Hazards for Seniors

Winter in more northerly climes can be treacherous, especially for older adults. The CDC reports that falls are the leading cause of injury and injury death among adults 65 and older. Slips and falls also increase when the temperature decreases.

Icy Walkways

In many parts of the country, winter means snow and ice. Sidewalks can quickly become skating rinks. Simply walking to the mailbox or getting out of your car often comes with increased risks. 

Dangerous Cold

Older adults lose body heat faster than younger people. This means conditions like hypothermia can set in even if temperatures in the home are between 60 and 65 degrees. The National Institute on Aging reports that a body temperature of 95 degrees or lower can cause health problems such as heart attack, kidney issues and liver damage.

Strenuous Activity

In areas with intense winters and significant annual snowfall, exterior home maintenance such as shoveling snow can become strenuous, and may lead to injury.  

Avoid the Burdens of Winter by Retiring to Delray Beach, FL

Whether it’s the cold temperatures or heavy lifting that has you considering another locale, Delray Beach, Florida is an excellent place to choose for your retirement. These are some of the many benefits you’ll find in the local community.

Warm and Sunny Shopping

There are a number of perks to being on the southeast coast of Florida, and the year-round, outdoor shopping experience is definitely one of them. With a robust center of restaurants and boutiques, downtown Delray Beach is an oasis for avid shoppers.

Pineapple Grove Artist District

Home to colorful murals and art installations, Pineapple Grove Arts District offers diverse restaurants and art galleries, as well as the famed Artist’s Alley. Enjoy a mid-winter evening walk along the brightly colored district wearing only a light sweater.

Cornell Art Museum

If you’re looking for art with a broad appeal, the Cornell Art Museum located at Old School Square hosts nationally and internationally recognized pieces from contemporary artists. The museum itself is an impressive building; a work of art in itself.

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens offers visitors access to sixteen acres of intricate Japanese gardens, walking paths and a world-class bonsai collection. Throughout the year, the museum hosts tea ceremonies and other cultural events that make this destination a must-see.

Fast Beach Access

One of the biggest draws for retiring in Delray Beach is, of course, the beach! The surf and sand is never far away. This oceanfront town boasts a two-mile long stretch of beach attached to the downtown shopping district. In 2021, it was even voted one of Florida’s top 14 beaches. 

Live Comfortably Year-Round at Abbey Delray

When you’ve worked so hard to get to this place in your life, shouldn’t retirement feel like a grand getaway? At Abbey Delray, we believe it should. That’s why we’ve focused on creating a retirement community that feels more like a resort. We offer a wide variety of services from dining and wellness to arts and culture and more.  Our community at Abbey Delray has embraced the resort living lifestyle that makes Delray Beach so magnificent. With high-class amenities and generous independent senior living floor plans, Abbey Delray is nothing short of a personal tropical paradise for residents.

Find out what resort-style living in this beach community is all about. Contact us to learn more or schedule a tour today.