You must’ve found one of our hand-painted rocks today? On behalf of the residents and team members of Abbey Delray, welcome to our family! We hope this little piece of our community’s heart brightened your day. Because at Abbey Delray, one of the area’s most beautiful senior living communities, all of our days are bright!

Why hand-painted rocks?

Our residents and team members recently found a hand-painted stone in our community waterfall. A kind soul left it there to brighten the day of all who passed by. This tiny rock brought so much joy to all who discovered it, that we decided to share a little piece of our joy with the surrounding community. Abbey Delray has been a pillar of the Palm Beach County area for more than 41 years, yet many people don’t know about our charming community, its delightful residents, and our dedicated team members. So, hello neighbor! We’re pleased to meet you.

On Thursday, March 11, 2021, our residents and team members gathered together for a community-wide project to paint the rock you’re holding, along with many others. We then asked everyone to find fun places to hide these rocks throughout the area so that when you picked up this rock, you’d feel the same joy they felt.  And after the year we’ve all had, who couldn’t use a little more joy?

What happens next?

Well, you can either keep this rock or place it in a new spot for the next person to find. But before you do, please take a photo and share on social media with #AbbeyRocks. And be creative! We have several artists in our community who would love to see how their creativity inspired your creativity.

And if you…

  • Are an older adult looking for a new home for you or a loved one – Fill out the form on this page and one of our counselors will give you a call to tell you more about why #AbbeyRocks.
  • Are looking for a new career – please visit this page to see our latest openings. We’d love to have you join our team!
  • Are one of our many neighbors in the area and simply wanted to learn a bit more about the rock in your hand – We’re so grateful you picked up this rock. We love being part of this community and hope this experience made you smile today.

Please take a moment to watch this video from our Executive Director to learn more: